Talking Self-Care, Art & Gender with SpewingMews!


I’ve broadened the scope of the show a bit in an attempt to have some more fun and get guests on more often. I hope you enjoy!

Today’s guest is my fellow Kupaa Kreator, SpewingMews.

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Blue Magic Episode 014: Talking Holistic Sexual Expression with Avernalism

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Blue Magic Episode 013: Fuck Tumblr! With Hizzacked and AnimeFlux

Hizzy and Flux join me to say: Fuck Tumblr, fuck SESTA/FOSTA and fuck censorship. We talk about the hows and whys of what has happened with Tumblr and Facebook, how it affects creators like us, and what can be done about it. Also, a bit of friendly video game talk to cool our boiling blood when its all done. Enjoy!

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Blue Magic Episode 012: Talking Story and Sex in Context | Solo Show

A short show today, talking about some things that have been on my mind related to storytelling, mythology and sex in a wider context.

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Blue Magic Episode 011: Talking Hentai Comics w/ Marcus Jones

A friendly chat with my pal Marcus Jones, host of Music Mondays with Marcus. We talk hentai comics, growing up pervy, how western sex ed is dumb, and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Links to all the comics discussed:

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Blue Magic Episode 010: Be Determined! With Gray

Today’s guest is Gray! We have an awesome discussion about her work and influences, her artistic journey, and the importance of staying determined. Enjoy!

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Blue Magic Episode 009: Beating Burnout with Youngman Brown

Today I am joined by Youngman Brown, the host of my favorite podcast Your Creative Push. We talk about art block and burnout, the unique cultural resistance that hentai artists face, and how to kick it all in the ass. Don’t miss this one!

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Blue Magic Episode 008: Talking Style with Zoe and Diesel!

Zoe and Diesel come back on the show to help me talk about artistic style – what is it, how do you develop it, and can you have more than one?

Check out Zoe’s work:

Check out Dieselbrain’s work:

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Blue Magic Episode 007: Laugh, Play Pretend and Draw What You Like! with Hizzacked

Today’s guest is Hizzacked, a wonderful person and a super great artist. She shares some great insight into being your authentic self with what you create, finding a rhythm that works for you, and where she finds her inspiration. Also we geek out about Zelda.

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Blue Magic Episode 006: How to Draw Mozart with AnimeFlux!

Today’s show features the awesome AnimeFlux! We talk about his work and influences, staying motivated and productive, and being inspired by many sources. We also yammer on a bit about our hero Egoraptor. Enjoy!

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