Commissions are OPEN!

Check below for open slots! If there’s one available,  Email me at  with the subject “Commission” and your paypal address so I can invoice you, and we’ll get started! Prices, rules and examples below!

✨ Slots ✨

  1. CrushDepth – In Progress
  2. Luis
  3. Sapphic Neko
  4. TimParaxade
  5. CrushDepth (2)
  6. Dreaded Creation
  7. Open!
  8. Open!
  9. Open!

🚫 Rules 🚫

  • Payment due up front. We can negotiate doing half now, half on delivery if you need.
  • No piss, scat, or pus. Blood negotiable.
  • No noncon/rape. Dubcon negotiable.
  • No underage characters.

💵 Base Prices 💵

Prices are per character. If you want a character being fucked by an anonymous, no-detail stuntcock that’s fine, but if you want two (or more) specific characters having sex I’ll have to charge per character.


  • Bust: $20
  • Thigh-Up: $25
  • Full Body: $35



  • Bust: $40
  • Thigh-Up: $50
  • Full Body: $60

Flat Colors

  • Bust: $45
  • Thigh-Up: $55
  • Full-Body: $65

Full Color Render

  • Bust: $85
  • Thigh-Up: $100
  • Full Body: $140

💵 Add-Ons (Full Color Only) 💵


  • Dialog Bubbles: $15
  • Messy: $20
    • (Such as cum, sweat or squirt. No piss or scat, blood negotiable based on context):
  • Simple, low-detail clothes.: $20 Each.

    • (Such as a bikini, plain lingerie/underwear, or a simple miniskirt. Small, solid color, no extra details or greebles.)
    • A two-piece bikini or underwear set counts as 1, but I’ll do it in two layers so you get 4 final variants. A good deal!
  • Detailed clothes: Negotiable based on size and detail level.
    • You want her in full Space Marine armor I’ll do it, but get ready to make it rain.
  • Facial expressions: $50.
    •  Ahegao, blissed out, surprised, smiling, etc.
  • Other Variants Also Negotiable.
    • You want me to add tentacles, or change the penetration, or do like a pregnancy or inflation alt, can do! But the price will depend on the amount of work I’ll have to put in, so we’ll work that out.


  • Simple, graphic background: $20
    • A splash of color and some interesting graphic shapes.
  • Other backgrounds will be negotiated based on complexity/detail. For example, a simple bedroom or bathroom with little detail will be a lot cheaper than a complicated, cluttered setting.


Comics are negotiable based on page size, page count, panel count, number of characters, level of completion (sketch, ink, flats, etc) and level of detail. If you want me to do a comic for you, you’ll need to email me and we’ll hash out the specifics. But it will be significantly more expensive than any of my other offerings.