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Hello lovelies. As you are by now aware I have been quite inactive. Extenuating life circumstances have forced me to redirect my attention away from regular updates for now. I prefer not to discuss what’s going on publicly, but suffice to say I have my hands very, very full. I am still working on outstanding […]

Back in Action! (Sort Of)

Hey lovelies! The month is nearly done, and I’m doing much better indeed. My arm isn’t fully recovered – I’ll have to remain diligent in my therapy – but I’ve begun to gently reintroduce drawing and writing and it’s going well so far. So expect updates to return very very soon! Love you all, and […]

Injury & Hiatus

Hello lovelies~ You may have noticed I have gone rather quiet these past few weeks, minus the podcast update. This is because I injured my arm, and have been going through treatment. Initially I had hoped that I would be back in shape within a week or two, but alas, I am still in quite […]

Hey there, I’m Alatar

You can call me Al. I’m a nonbinary erotic artist from Nashville, TN.

I like drawing sexy stuff, especially fit babes and occult-themed smut. I also host a podcast about creativity and erotic art. You can find all my work here, and this is the best place on the Internet to support me if you enjoy my work!

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