Injury & Hiatus

Hello lovelies~

You may have noticed I have gone rather quiet these past few weeks, minus the podcast update. This is because I injured my arm, and have been going through treatment. Initially I had hoped that I would be back in shape within a week or two, but alas, I am still in quite a lot of pain.

The injury is a neuralgia of several nerves in my arm, and has been brewing for several years. I’ve been treated off and on by various doctors, the latest of which is the only one to actually help me get better. But I’ve been stubbornly trying to continue doing my work while going through treatment – a decision that in the end made things worse rather than better. Last week, due to some contract work I had to take on & the strain of drawing in addition to that, my arm gave out. I could barely hold a pen, and as of today I still can’t write for more than five minutes.

Fortunately the doctor says I am still within sight of recovery – the nerves are just very inflamed and I need to concentrate on reducing the inflammation. This means no more stubbornness on my part, haha. I pride myself on having a strong work ethic, and sitting back and waiting to heal is not easy for me. But at this point, it’s that, or risk irreversible harm.

To that end, I’ll be taking a hiatus from drawing during the month of September. I may still be able to update Blue Magic a few times, but we’ll see. Even using a keyboard irritates the nerves in my arm, so I have to be especially careful.

For those of you waiting on commissions from me – never fear. Once I’m better, I’ll be fulfilling my contracts to you with all haste. I am also training my left arm, so in the unlikely event my right arm never fully recovers, hopefully before too long my left can pick up where the right left off.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support. You’re all amazing.

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